Monday, 7 February 2011

Spiritual Short- Sightedness

In a moment of weakness, we have the potential of making mistakes with long lasting consequences. Esau was a victim when he sold his birthright which would have given him authority over his family and a double portion of the inheritance, all for a bowl of soup. His error may seem foolish, but all of us can land in situations where good sense and spiritual commitment are undermined by our frailty.

Many people have ‘’sold ‘’ their spiritual birthright (God’s plan and blessings for them), because they never stopped to consider the consequences of a short-term solution. Believers should therefore make it a habit to question their decisions.

What will the consequences be if I make this choice?
How will what am about to do affect my relationship with God, my family and my church?
Will I be pleased tomorrow with what I am doing today?
These are questions we need to ponder upon before we make decisions.
What are your thoughts about this issue?